Success is what all of us aspire for and the responsibility for the same lies on the educational institutions to mentor the young people. In School they come to live, learn and succeed. Success has to be earned and it demands sustained hard work, discipline and confidence. If you want good things in life you have to work for them. If you are willing to work, diligently towards your goal ‘u’ will surely succeed.

‘To win you have to be an optimist. To attract others you have to be cheerful and enthusiastic. ‘To succeed you need cooperation and acceptance from others. Optimism keeps your hopes alive, it makes you thinks positively. Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. If you are willing and keen, if you display courage and dash and if you also show patience and perseverance, you will invariably win.

To win you must acquire the right knowledge and personality. Everything depends on your own Self and your positive mental aptitude. Always and ever be a fighter never a quitter. Therefore, have faith, take courage, march ahead, onward and upward till you attain the goal

Wishing you all a grand success.

Ms. Juhi Shah