Modernity Blends with Traditions Supreme emphasis is laid on providing the most modern and sophisticated learning environment coupled with Indian heritage, value system and Sanskars. The guiding principle of the foundation is “Where modernity blends with tradition“.

The teaching methodology is contemporary which keeps the students and the staff abreast with the ever-changing scenario in the educational arena along with a fine blend of traditional Indian ethics and value systems. Tradition gives us ethics and values and modernity gives us opportunity to apply those values to move ahead and make our mark. The academic and cultural activities at SVM provide a platform where all students come together and explore the individual and group talents and resources. The faculty and management possess a high degree of integrity and knowledge that churns the students into efficient and effective human beings. Hence we say: “We nurture talent”

The aim of the School is to endeavour for the total development of students personality, an integrated development of moral, physical, intellectual and spiritual values, which are a must for making the student a responsible democratic person. A blend of logic, scientific temper, appreciation and understanding our rich cultural heritage shall equip. the student in shaping the future.

The school aims to make the student a self-reliant person who has love and compassion for his fellow human beings and is ready to keep pace with the changing times without losing a foothold on the past.